Borderlands2 skill calculator


Level 5 Assassin


% Critical Hit Damage per level.


% Zoom, % Aim Steadiness, and % Aim Speed (reduces aim disruption when taking damage) per level.


Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you % Critical Hit Damage and % Reload Speed per level for a few seconds.


% Accuracy per level.

0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill

The first shot from a fully loaded magazine deals % Damage per level.


Shots pierce through enemies, gaining % damage per enemy pierced. Enemy crit locations highlighted in Decepti0n.


% Bullet Speed, % Critical Hit Damage, and % Gun Damage per level.

Kill C0nfirmed

Up to % Critical Hit Damage per level depending on how long you aim down the sights.

At 0ne with the Gun

% Hip-Shot accuracy, % Reload Speed, and Magazine Size with Sniper Rifles per level.

Critical Ascensi0n

Scoring a Critical Hit with a Sniper Rifle gives you % Critical Hit Damage and % Damage with Sniper Rifles. Can stack up to 999 times. Stacks begin to decay if you haven't scored a critical hit in a while.

Fast Hands

% Reload Speed and % Weapon Swap Speed per level.

C0unter Strike

After getting hit, your next melee attack has a chance to deal % damage per level.


Kill Skill. Killing an enemy regenerates % of your shield per second and gives % Action Skill cooldown rate per level for a few seconds.


% damage per level when attacking enemies from behind or when attacking an enemy who is targeting someone other than you.

Rising Sh0t

Each successful ranged or melee attack gives you % Gun Damage and % Melee Damage per level for a short time. This bonus can stack up to 5 times. Faster weapons can gain stacks more quickly, but slower weapons retain stacks for a longer period of time.

Death Mark

Dealing melee damage marks a target for 8 seconds. Marked targets take % additional damage from all sources.


Your holographic decoy explodes when you become visible again, causing shock damage to nearby enemies. Damage increases per level.


While Decepti0n is active you gain % Status Effects Duration Reduction, % Movement Speed, and regenerate % of your Maximum Health per second per level.

Tw0 Fang

Every time you fire you have a % chance per level to fire twice.

Death Bl0ss0m

Action Skill Augment. Throws a handful of Kunai knives. Has a random elemental effect. Does not take character out of Decepti0n. Can be used five times per cooldown. Can apply Death Mark.

Killing Bl0w

% Melee Damage per level against enemies with low health.

Ir0n Hand

% Melee Damage and Damage Reduction per level.


% Fire Rate and % Health Regeneration per level when your shield is depleted.

Be Like Water

Shooting an enemy gives % damage per level to your next melee attack. Melee Attacks give % damage per level to your next gun attack.


Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives % Movement Speed, % Gun Damage, and % Melee Damage per level for a few seconds.


Melee Override Skill. While Decepti0n is active and a target is under your crosshairs, melee to dash forward a short distance and perform a special melee attack. Has a range of 3 meters.


Your melee attacks deal % damage per level when hitting an enemy in the back, dealing massive damage.


Killing an enemy with a melee attack restores up to % of your health per level depending on how low your health is.

Like The Wind

% Gun, Melee Damage, and % chance to dodge bullets per level when moving.

Many Must Fall

Killing an enemy with a Melee Attack during Decepti0n deploys an additional holographic decoy and extends the duration of Decepti0n instead of ending it.